Saturday, December 29, 2012


My six year old son Henry (aka Hank) got a camera for Christmas this year. He has been using one of those kodak kid's cameras for about three years and lately had been taking my phone and wanting to document well... pretty much everything. When asked what to get him for Christmas I suggested a better camera for him as he really seems to have a passion for it. It's only been a few days and he has been busy documenting lots of things. I figured we should make him a blog to keep record of his observations.

Henry carries a diagnosis of Asperger's (although with the new DSM I don't know exactly what that means anymore!). He has opinions about pretty much everything. He wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up, specifically studying cuttlefish (he has been saying this for about two years, and knows more about cuttlefish than most adults you will meet). He also wants to be a chef, and is quite helpful in the kitchen! In some of the photos and videos will also be my daughter Catherine, she has Autism and I am hoping to get her interested in photography as well!

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